Risk Management & Planning

A Data Quality Assessment is a powerful risk management tool that provides valuable input to any legacy data migration, business intelligence, MDM and data integration initiative.

The primary purpose of the Assessment is to provide insights into the state of quality of partcular data sets and inform subsequent planning, estimation and risk mitigation activities. The Data Quality Assessment process relises heavily on data profiling to evaluate data across a broad range of criteria.

At the conclusion of the Data Quality Assessment, clients have the necessary information and metrics to make informed decisions on the best approach for their data-related initiative, as well as a clear understanding of the challenges to be addressed in order to achieve successful outcomes.

Data Quality Assessment with Datalynx Data Xplorer

The Data Xplorer system is a powerful toolset for comprehensively analysing data to understand its characteristics, business use and data quality issues.

Providing a broad array of inbuilt data profiling capabilities and the ability to add new business-specific functions, Data Xplorer enables you to quickly identify:

  • Incomplete data and missing values
  • Duplicate records and transactions
  • Inconsistent values and data relationships
  • Data integrity issues
  • Data that doesn't conform to standard patterns and formulas (ABN checking, phone numbers, email addresses etc)
  • Changes in the use of data attributes over time

Project Support

Data Xplorer equips project teams to be highly productive in the shortest timeframes. Its agile approach supports progressive refinement of profiling criteria and the addition of custom functions to target the issues within data sets that could cause the most problems.

Both during and at the conclusionof the data quality assessment process, Data Xplorer produces a range of reports that capture the results of the analysis undertaken and provide the basis for subsequent planning and data quality enhancement activities.

Ongoing Data Quality Monitoring & Reporting

The data profiling / quality analysis business rules that are configured in Data Xplorer are completely reusable. As a consequence, the effort expended on a project can be further capitalised on by operationalising the data quality assessment capability that was developed. This enables your internal teams to undertake data quality assessments on an ongoing basis and at a frequency that suits the organisation's needs.

Data Xplorer is part of the Data Management Suite (DMS), Datalynx's enterprise data management solution.

Contact Datalynx to find out about DMS licensing options.

Assessment Services

The data analysis specialists in the Datalynx Professional Services Group can assist clients and partners using the Datalynx Data Xplorer system to undertake a data quality assessment as part of a broader initative.

Contact Datalynx to learn more about how our Data Quality Assessment capabilities can significantly reduce the risk on your next project.

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