Comprehensive solution for maintaining Data Quality across the Enterprise

The Datalynx Data Quality Centre provides an organisation with an enterprise Data Quality Management capability that can address variability in data quality across core IT systems and business functions. Eliminate the constraints on effective decision-making imposed by poor data quality, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce business costs.

A Datalynx Data Quality Centre solution is configured to address each client's specific requirements and can incorporate data analysis, Master Data Management and reporting, in addition to data cleansing and standardisation. In combination with its sophisticated data quality monitoring capabilities, the Hub delivers sustainable data quality via a solution that is architected to grow as required over time to accommodate new systems and evolving business needs.

The Data Quality Centre utilises Datalynx's powerful rules engine for configuring exception criteria, as well as validation, cleansing and standardisation rules. Once configured, the Hub can be maintained and extended by Technical Analysts and processes can be excuted by either IT or the business team. The Hub serves as an integral element of any data quality management, BI / Reporting and data migration solution.

Datalynx Enterprise Data Quality Centre

Implementation and Configuration Support

The Datalynx Professional Services Group can assist clients and integration partners with implementation configuration support services, project support services, and the necessary mentoring / training to equip teams to undertake the full range of data quality management functions.

Outsourced Data Quality Management

In addition to establishing baseline data quality, Datalynx can assist organisations to continue to build on the current value of their data assets, via outsourced data quality management.

Resources can be allocated to work on-premises or via remote access to provide an effective data quality monitoring and enahcement capability that ensures data quality will not degrade over time.

Options include support for your in-house team, as well as support for partners providing these services to clients.

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