Data Extraction - Transformation - Loading (ETL) and E-L-T

Datalynx Data Xchange provides organisations with the ultimate ETL / ELT capability. Offering a highly productive agile approach for developing processes that is based on software configuration via an intuitive user interface, without the need for custom programming.

Data Xchange allows you to utilise the business / technical skills of your technical analysts to create and execute ETL processes and reduce the dependency on specialist software development resources.

Data Xchange utilises a highly sophisticated rules-based engine for selecting and extracting required data from a variety of enterprise systems and datasets, applying validation rules and exception criteria, transforming data as required and loading to a staging area or destination database as necessary. Data can also be extracted and loaded to its destination for further processing in line with the ELT model as preferred.

Example of Datalynx ETL supporting a BI Solution

Structured, Repeatable Processes

Data Xchange can typically be used to configure complex ETL processes in a fraction of the time required with many other approaches. With over 100 inbuilt data manipulation functions, Data Xchange is configured via a wizard-like interface to specify the data source(s), destination(s), mapping and transformations into a reusable and version-controlled template. Data Xchange's agile configuration capabilities allow templates to be "cloned" as the basis of other processes and saved as a new version.

The integrated Job Manager and Scheduler modules control job execution timing and frequency, and completed jobs are verified with comprehensive inbuilt audit reporting.

Optional activities such as data quality enhancement and master data management can be integrated as required.

High Performance in-Memory Processing and Job Management

Data Xchange offers outstanding performance and throughput via its in-memory processing model which is further supported by the Job Manager's ability to address multiple CPUs on a single server (up to 32), assign tasks to servers based on priority and performance requirements and even allocate large jobs across multiple servers for cioncurrent processing.

This significantly reduces the time your systems are performing ETL processing and ensures job are completed within allocated processing windows.

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