Reduce costs by archiving historical data to lessen storage requirements and server workloads.

Datalynx Data Archiving - based on business-defined criteria.

Project-based and ongoing operational archiving of data from core business systems.

Datalynx's flexible Data Archiving solution supports one-time / project based archiving activities as part of a legacy modernisation initiative, as well as operational data lifecycle management to secure historical transactions for evidentiary and analytical purposes.

DMS Data Archiving offers optional data transformation (i.e. for re-platforming), metadata management, data analysis & reporting and more. In addition to fulfilling your data retention obligations, Datalynx Data Archiving supports a range of cost-reduction options, such as the use of lower-cost storage media and RDBMs, as well as storage in the Cloud of your choice.

The Datalynx DMS configured as an Archive Hub supporting analytics and data lifecycle management:

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