Datalynx data auditing solutions deliver peace of mind and offer an excellent return on investment by helping you identify recoverable duplicate payments and overpayments and detect fraudulent transactions.

Datalynx Data Xplorer can be configured to automatically analyse every record and business transaction, giving you much greater confidence in your financial systems than the traditional approach of auditing a small sample to identify anomaly trends. Plug directly into systems such as Oracle Financials, SAP and custom applications for sophisticated data analysis and reporting.

The Datalynx Data Xplorer system provides exceptional data auditing and fraud detection capabilities. Unlike traditional auditing software that requires custom programming, our agile technology can be configured with any number of business rules to undertake the following activities:

  • Identifying duplicate vendors, employees, customers, accounts, invoices and payment transactions
  • Identifying non-standard payments
  • Performing reconciliations within and across systems
  • Detecting data that does not comply with business policies / rules
  • Creating custom tests that are specific to your business activities
  • Undertaking ongoing automated auditing and reporting

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous automated monitoring of business transactions is a powerful tool for the management of compliance within organisations. Datalynx Data Xplorer enables companies to undertake continuous data monitoring / auditing and reporting for early fraud detection.

With inbuilt scheduling capability, the processing of auditing and reporting activities can be undertaken at any required frequency. The breadth of analysis can be tailored to encompass all transactions, or focus on those that have been modified or added since the last processing run.

Data Auditing Services

The Datalynx Professinal Services Group provides comprehensive data auditing services to assist organisations with their compliance and business assurance activities.

Services include end-to-end execution of data audits as well as provision of specialist resources trained in the Datalynx technology. We work with accredited auditors and have experience in government and private sector business data audits.

Contact your Datalynx representative to discuss your specific requirements and see how we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.


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