Data Quality Hub

Data quality enhancement and ongoing quality management & reporting.

Datalynx Rapid BI

Enterprise Data Warehouses, Data Marts and Analytics solutions in record time.

Datalynx MDM

Multi-domain analytical and operational Master Data Management solution.

Datalynx DataMask

Highly configurable Data Masking (obfuscation) for information privacy.

Data Migration Hub

Enhanced legacy data migration to new applications and platforms.

Data Integration Hub

Rules-based data integraton between enterprise systems & with external sources.

Datalynx Archiving

Project-based and ongoing automated operational archiving of transaction data utilising business rules.

Metadata Management

Metadata Repository for managing metadata, tracking data lineage and effective data usage.

Datalynx Cloud Solutions

Data migration to the Cloud, data integration in hybrid environments and Data Management as a Service (DMaaS).

Datalynx Technical Solutions

Enhanced ETL, data consolidation, data transformation and dataset synchronisation.