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The Datalynx Data Managament Suite supports comprehensive project-based and operational data management in the Cloud as well as in conventional environments, enabling the integration of data dispersed across heterogeneous platforms.

Datalynx has established strategic partnerships with leading Cloud vendors who provide access to the data management capabilities of Datalynx Data Xplorer and Data Xchange systems within their public Clouds.

Clients and Integration Partners can take advantage of the power of the Datalynx DMS when transitioning into the Cloud to consolidate data from different systems, rationalise platforms and reduce the migrated data footprint through data cleansing and quality enhancement.


Transition to the Cloud

The transition from in-house data centres to the Cloud presents organisations with an excellent opportunity to undertake a range of initiatives that enhance business support capabilites and reduce costs. These include standardisation of IT platforms, rationalisation of applications and databases, data quality enhancement and archiving of historical data. The Datalynx Data Management Suite is the ideal choice for empowering business and technical teams to successfully complete these critical activities and prepare their data to take full advantage of the benefits of the Cloud.

The Datalynx Professional Services Group offers specialist support to customers and partners undertaking projects to transition to the Cloud.

Management of Data in Hybrid Environments

As organisations seek to gain competitive advantage from a range of technology offerings they can ultimately find their data holdings spanning a combination private and public clouds and conventional data centres. Managing critical data assets in such a complex environment can be a significant challenge, particularly when looking at data integrity, data synchronisation and maintining a trusted enterprise-wide view of critical business information.

The Datalynx Data Management Suite significantly reduces the complexity of managing data in hybrid environments. Our flexible data integration, data synchronisation and master data management solutions help to keep critical data assets under control, while continuing to enhance their business value over time.

Solutions in the Cloud

The Datalynx Data Management Suite provides all the essential management capabilities for data in the Cloud that are available in an in-house environment. In addition to configuring a multi-purpose data hub, or implementing a specific solution for data quality management, data integration, business intellingence and master data management, the DMS allows you to track data utilisation and growth, monitor quality and detect fraud via cost-effective subscription-based data analysis services.

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