The Company

Datalynx is an Australian technology vendor specialising in enterprise data management software and business solutions.

Our flagship software technology, the Datalynx Data Management Suite is a world-class integrated data management system for delivering solutions that would typically require the deployment of several discrete software products.

Datalynx's ongoing product development and innovation program for the Data Management Suite has produced a unique, agile, "all-in-one" technology that provides our clients with significant advantages over many other approaches and tools.

In addition to licensing the Data Management Suite, we focus on:

  • supporting our clients with expert professional services delivered by experienced Australian-based information and data management specialists
  • supporting our strategic partners and resellers to deliver business solutions utlising the Datalynx technology and methodologies

The Datalynx Philosophy

Datalynx's philosophy of technical innovation and customer satisfaction is reflected in everything we do.

When we set out with the goal of developing the world's best data management software, we delberately chose not to copy traditional approaches or to mimic existing tools. As a result we have succeeded in creating software that is unique in its approach and we believe, second to none in capability.

Supporting our technology is a range of proven, integrated methodologies for delivering business solutions that effectively address the challenges faced by organsations undertaking complex information and data management initiatives. By utlilising a comprehensive set of risk management methodologies, project delivery frameworks, QA processes and verifiable transparency, we ensure we always achieve agreed outcomes for our clients.

Our People

The Datalynx management team has been successfully delivering technical and business solutions to government and private sector organisations for over 20 years.

Datalynx is staffed by information and data management professionals with extensive experience in their field. Our specialists are trained in utilising the Datalynx Data Management Suite and methodologies to create solutions that address the needs of our clients.

Datalynx is wholly Australian owned and our teams are Australian based.

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