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To realise the benefits of effective enterprise data management an organisation needs a combination of the right data management technology, supported by a tailored data governance framework. Datalynx's Professional Servics Group has extensive experience in all aspects of establishing enterprise data governance as a key element of an organisation's sustainable data management capability.

Utilising a proven, systematic approach, our specialists can guide you on your data governance / information management journey and help you achieve sucessful business outcomes. From strategy to implementation, Datalynx can assist at every step of the way.


Overview of a Datalynx Data Governance Prograrm showing work streams

Information Management and Data Governance Capability Maturity Assessment

The journey for many organisation to achieving effective control and utilisation of their data assets with a Capability Maturity Assessment.

The Assessment entails a systematic analysis of the organisation's current level of IM or DG capability maturity against Datalynx's standard Maturity Model to establish a baseline against which the effectiveness of subsequent initiatives can be measured.

The Capability Maturity Assessment is typically coupled with the development of a Roadmap to help the organisation reach its required standard of capabilty.

Roadmap Development

Once the organisation's capability maturity has been baselined across key data governance capabilities, our team works with business representatives to agree the target level of maturity that can be practically achieved within a defined timeframe (e.g. 1 year, 3 years), as well as the priority and sequence of specific capabilities. For example, establishing effective data quality may be a higher priority than creating a metadata management capability.

On the basis of this information Datalynx can work with your team to develop the Roadmap and Program for implementing the solution and driving the required business change. The Roadmap also highlights areas of business risk and provides a forecast of estimated costs and effort to support development of a business case.

Implementation Services and Support

Following the development of an orgnisation's DG / IM Roadmap and Program, the Datalynx Professional Services Group offers Data Governance and Information Management Framework implementation and support services as required.

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