The Datalynx DMS Migration Hub: Data Migration for Datasets of Any Size

With the Datalynx DMS you can migrate data from virtually any source to any target application.

The DMS implements Datalynx's extremely powerful Platform Independent Data Management (PIDM) model which provides connectivity and access to virtually any dataset.

DMS flexible data migration options include:
  • - Migration between different platforms e.g. mainframe to mid-range / x86
  • - Migration between different RDBMS e.g. DB2 to Oracle
  • - Rapid 1:1 migration where data transformation is not required
  • - Advanced migration with optional dataset consolidation, data cleansing, transformation, MDM and more..
  • - Pre-configured and customised migration to the Cloud via DMS CloudRamp

The DMS easily consolidates multiple source datasets and optionally cleanses and transforms legacy data to optimise it for any new system.

DMS Data Migration
Hub Overview

Migrating Data from
Mainframe to x86

Platform Independent
Data Management