Comprehensive portfolio of data management services delivered via the Cloud.

If the provision of data management services isn't your core business, yet data is critical to your operations, then Datalynx's highly innovative DMaaS offering can help free up your internal resources to focus on the priorities that drive your business forward.

Datalynx DMaaS is a unique subscription-based services offering that allows you to utlise the power of the Datalynx data management technology to perform any ad-hoc or ongoing operational activities. Available in our Cloud, or in yours, DMaaS provides you with a configured solution within a secure, high-capacity processing environment, to undertake any jobs you require, at the frequency you specify.

DMaaS solutions include ad-hoc data cleansing, ongoing data quality management, master record creation and maintenance, data consolidation, data masking and much more..

DMaaS is an extremely cost-effective alternative to maintaining internal teams with the relevant expertise, paying to license tools you use only ocassionally and taking the risks associated with complex data-related activities.

Contact Datalynx to find out how our DMaaS solutions can revolutionise your data processing operations at a fraction of your current cost.