Next-generation software for enterprise data management

Data Xchange revolutionises how organisations manage data to support their operational requirements and strategic objectives. Unlike the rigid traditional approaches and technologies of the past, Data Xchange's agility promotes the development of flexible solutions that quickly adapt to changing business environments and needs.

Data Xchange is at the core of the Data Management Suite (DMS), Datalynx's "all in one" solution that overcomes the all too common challenges of trying to integrate disparate technologies with narrow capabilities.

Data Xchange can be used for specific functions such as data cleansing and legacy data migration, or as a key component of a business solution such as the Enterprise Data Hub.

Productivity & Performance

Data Xchange promotes excellent productivity through its code-free configuration based interface, enabling your teams to reduce solution development cycles and manage business risk.

In-memory processing delivers blistering performance and the ability to process large data sets in shorter timeframes.

Enterprise Data Hub Solutions

The Datalynx Data Hub is an extremely sophisticated and versatile integration technology built with the Data Management Suite. Utilising out of the box connectivity to a broad range of databases and structured data sets, the Data Hub is highly configurable and can be set up to deliver a comprehensive enterprise data management capability.

Complementary Solutions

Data Xchange can work alongside your existing data management technologies and can be configured to deliver business solutions encompassing one or more of the following capabilities:

  • Data Quality Enhancement
  • Legacy Data Migration
  • Data Consolidation
  • Master Data Management / Single Source of Truth
  • BI / EDW Integration (ETL / Cleansing / Staging / Upload)
  • Big Data Integration (ETL / Standardisation / Staging)
  • Data Archiving


Data Xchange can be licensed for project-based (fixed-term) and ongoing (perpetual) use. See Licencing Datalynx DMS to learn about our flexible options.

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