Intelligent software for comprehensive data analysis (profiling), monitoring and reporting

Data Xplorer is an integral component of the Data Management Suite (DMS), Datalynx's agile, "all in one" enterprise data management solution. You can now easily navigate large, complex datasets to identify data characteristics, reveal data quality issues and extract information of business interest.

Examine data in common enterprise systems such as Oracle Financials and SAP via a range of pre-built functions for analysing and reporting data quality and integrity issues in those applications. Custom data analysis functions can be added to cater for business rules and system customisations specific to your installation.

Data Xplorer can integrate seamlessly with your core business databases to monitor and report issues such as non-compliant transactions, duplicate invoices & payments, as well providing early detection of potential fraud.


Data Xplorer Data Monitoring Hub


Data Xplorer is highly scalable and can execute billions of business rule evaluations against one or more data sets to provide detailed issue analysis and reporting. It operates effectively in conventional system environments, as well as in the cloud.

Connect to any data set using Data Xplorer's inbuilt connectors and gain immediate access to the underlying metadata, as well as the ability to analyse and view actual data values. With an extensive library of pre-built reusable functions and the ability to add your own, Data Xplorer makes data analysis and reporting as easy as it can be.

Core system capabilities include:

  • Data profiling
  • Data validation
  • Data quality analysis
  • Data de-duplication
  • Data reconciliation
  • Ongoing data monitoring
  • Data auditing & fraud detection

Data Xplorer provides comprehensive reporting of results, as well as the ability to produce output files for Microsoft Excel.

Data Xplorer features prominently in many of Datalynx's business solutions, including data quality enhancement, data migration, master data management and data integration for BI & Big Data.

In combination with Datalynx Data Xchange, the Data Xplorer system can address your complete data management needs.


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