"In today’s corporate data environments – everything affects everything else"

Data is now considered "the world's new natural resource". Organisations seeking to exploit their corporate data assets for business advantage, recognise data management as a key business function with the potential to provide significant strategic and tactical benefits.

The Datalynx Data Management Suite (DMS) is the world's most versatile platform for managing data. A highly integrated technology, the DMS has an excellent track record in complex environments that require a high degree of data sharing.

The DMS is proven to consistently achieve outstanding business outcomes, while overcoming the need to deploy an array of disparate "point" solutions.

The Datalynx DMS is used by Datalynx's extensive global and local partner network to deliver a broad range of specific-purpose and "whole of enterprise" solutions for clients.

Similarly the DMS is used by clients with internal expertise, providing the capacity to support data operations ranging from ingestion of data received from 3rd parties, to management of Enterprise Data Warehouse / reporting solutions.

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