Build a single, trusted, enterprise-wide view of critical business data with Datalynx MDM.
Gain control of key business information relating to customers, products / services, vendors & inventory to support better decision-making, accurate corporate reporting and business improvement.

With the Datalynx Data Management Suite (DMS) you can quickly establish a single, consistent view of the crucial information your business depends upon.

The fully integrated Datalynx MDM module allows you to configure an Master Data Management solution for any business data domain, for example customers, products, vendors, locations & inventory.

Enterprise MDM can be implemented via a dedicated Datalynx MDM Hub, or as part of a broader Enterprise Data Processing Hub solution with optional data quality management, metadata management, as well as BI & Big Data integration.

Datalynx MDM enables you to catalogue unstructured data, and rationalise, de-duplicate and standardise master data across systems and business lines to reduce costs and create new business opportunities.

Business benefits of a single view of critical data include:

  • Identifying your most valuable and profitable customers across multiple business channels.
  • Identifying and managing customers that represent a credit risk.
  • Gaining a better understanding of customer buying behaviour to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
  • Providing an enhanced service experience for your customers leading to better customer retention.
  • Establishing single, accurate product definitions and descriptions that can be used throughout the enterprise.
  • Reducing the risk of errors and fraud when dealing with vendors.

Strategic Services

The Datalynx Professional Services Group provides assistance with all apsects of establishing effective master data management using the Datalynx Data Management Suite, including strategic data governance consulting services to ensure business activities and technical solutions are aligned and fully supporting corporate objectives.

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