The Datalynx Data Management Suite (DMS) enables you to manage risks and reduce costs & timefames when migrating data from legacy platforms and applications that have reached their end of life.

Supporting business requirements such as data consolidation, system rationalisation and migration of historical data from any number of source systems to one or more new applications, DMS provides all the functionality needed to achieve your required business outcomes.

Datalynx DMS utlises a systematic approach to data migration that greatly simplifies the most complex data-related challenges. Guided by Datalynx's exclusive PCTM Methodology, proven on a multitude of successful initiatives, your project teams can complete sophistcated data analysis, consolidation, quality enhancement, transformation and migration activities without the need for high-risk custom programming.

With a wealth of "out-of-the-box" functionality designed to dramatically improve productivity and accuracy, DMS can typically deliver verifiable results in a fraction of the time required by many other technologies and approaches. And most importantly, DMS provides all the capabilites you need for a complete migration, meaning you don't need to try to cobble together multiple disparate toolsets to complete the end-to-end process.

Datalynx DMS Data Migration Hub


Core Solution Capabilities

  • Agile, "all-in-one" integrated software solution for data migration
  • Extremely high performance with in-memory processing, load sharing across servers and optimised inbuilt processing functions
  • Ability to extract data from and migrate data to a broad range of legacy platforms & applications, including:
    • Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Ingres, Access, SAP Hana, Hadoop Hive and many more..)
    • Delimited Text Files
    • XML Files
    • Excel Spreadsheets
    • Proprietary Format Datasets used by specific applications
  • Delivers complementary optional functions such as Data Analysis (Profiling), Quality Enhancement, Standardisation and Transformation.
  • Integrated auditing and verification reporting
Specialist Data Migration Services

Datalynx Solution Partners are experienced in the Datalynx PCTM Methodology and provide specialist data migration services to clients using the Datalynx DMS. The Datalynx Professional Services Group also offers specialist support services to partners and clients.


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