Solutions for Sustainable Enterprise Data Quality

Datalynx assists organisations to turn their existing data collections into high quality / high value business assets.

While poor data quality has been shown to severely constrain the suitability of data for business use, enhancing data quality inevitably improves business performance by reducing costs, supporting more effective decision-making and promoting customer satisfaction.

The Datalynx Data Management Suite (DMS) is the ultimate software solution for achieving sustainable data quality. With comprehensive "out of the box" features for problem identification, data cleansing & deduplication and onoging monitotring & reporting, no other technology drives sustainable data quality across the whole organisation like the Data Management Suite.

The DMS makes it easy to validate and enforce business rules to monitor and enhance data quality, reduce "workarounds" and improve business efficiency; all through one integrated software package.

See Datalynx Data Quality Hub for more information on how Datalynx Enterprise Data Qaulity solutions are implemented.

Datalynx DMS enbles you to:

  • Connect to any database or structured data source
  • Profile data for deep insights into issues and data usage
  • Identify problem root causes, including business process deficiencies and IT system loopholes
  • Define and apply reusable business rules for quality enhancement and standardisation
  • Implement sustainable solutions based on ongoing automated data monitoring and remediation
  • Ensure the information that drives your critical business decisions is of high quality.

If poor data quality is a source of risk for any upcoming projects, or is impacting your business operations, let Datalynx show you how we can help. Our solution partners are skilled in the application of Datalynx methodologies and the Datalynx DMS to overcome the challenges presented by data that has degraded over time. The Datalynx Professional Services Group can also provides specialist support and services as required.

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