Agile solutions for public safety that can rapidly evolve in line with changing business needs.

Comprehensive BI & Analytics to support Public Safety & Intelligence initiatives

Datalynx, Oracle and iOmniscient have joined forces to develop highly innovative solutions based on proven world-class video analytics and data integration technologies, running on Oracle's leading data storage and processing platforms.

Effective public safety and intelligence relies on the ability to capture, correlate and interrogate large volumes of data derived from a variety of relevant sources. CCTV camera footage, internal systems, external data feeds and social media are all sources of valuable data.

The Datalynx DMS Cloud Integration platform (CloudLynx) integrates and interprets data from a broad range of disparate sources.

The metadata from video analytics supplied by iOmniscient, (including facial recognition, number plate recognition, event recognition) and sound and smell sensors, is published to Oracle's graph and spatial database, which supports rapid analysis of very large volumes of current and historical data.

The associated media (video, images, sound etc.) is stored in an evidentiary-standard media store from which it can be retrieved as required.

This core dataset can be further enriched and correlated with data from other sources to provide comprehensive information on Persons of Interest, their activities, relationships and interactions. The solution is highly customisable and can be tailored for the specific needs of the client.

Public Safety & Intelligence solution, incorporating DMS ClouLynx integration, iOmnisicient video analytics and Oracle Cloud technologies: