Enhanced ETL / ELT

Flexible options for:

Data Extraction - Transformation - Loading
Data Extraction - Loading - Transformation.

Additional processing options include data cleansing, data transformation and more..
Data Cleansing

Comprehensive rules-based data issue resolution and quality enhancement.

Includes data de-duplication, standardisation of reference data, inclusion of default values, address standardisation, name cleansing and much more.

Data Transformation

Reformatting data to align with a new structure. Also includes transition between different databases e.g. mainframe DB2 to x86 SQL Server or Oracle RDBMS.

Dataset Consolidation

Merging of data from multiple sources (databases, files) to one or more target databases or files. Includes data transformation as necessary.

Dataset Synchronisation

Maintaining synchronisation across two or more datasets. Supports hybrid environments where datasets may be spread between on-premise and Cloud environments.

Dataset Creation

Extraction of data from one, or multiple sources, formatting to specification and creation of files or databases for internal use or distribution to 3rd parties.

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Datalynx Business Solutions

Data quality, BI solutions, MDM, Data Masking, Data Migration and more..

Datalynx Cloud Solutions

Data migration to the Cloud, data integration in hybrid environments and Data Management as a Service (DMaaS).